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Thursday, February 16, 2012

In life, you're going to be left out, talked about, lied to, and used, but you have to decide who's worth your tears and who's not.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

最近到底怎麼了 總是丟三落四的

hard disc不見了 到底在哪
我記得放在家裡的啊 怎麼找不到
是你送的 生氣是應該 是我的錯

新的洗臉霜 用不到一個星期
RM99 至少一半報廢吧
爲了買這些產品而破產 罐子破了 虧了一半
怎麼搞的 怎麼這麼粗心大意

要改吧 這種邋遢又不小心的習慣該改改了吧
怎麼改? 不是一朝一夕做得到的吧
不改 只會把麻煩帶給人家 惹人憎 何苦呢?

最近 好煩
笑不出 沒話說 亦或是 不想說話?
怎麼搞的 我到底怎麼了
運氣不好麼 不則然

愿一切順順利利 平平安安的

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wishlist for 2012:
Ya right? i know is a lil bit late but still i wanna update my wishlist!

1. tryna be independent
I really wanna get rid of being dependent to people always. When i depend on someone to help me complete certain task, it's me who causes trouble to the others. so, cut it!

2. tryna be more socialize
okay i admit i am a socially awkward person. i could hardly speak in front of people whom i don't know, or i am not close with. i seriously couldn't act naturally as how i acted with my family, close friends and boyfie.

3. tryna make more new friends
this is important as i am going to work in the coming August and i definitely have to social and make more new friends instead of being alone all the time. this isn't the life i wish for.

4. clean and clear skin
wtf, i am having serious skin problem now, with huge pimples, some black spots and scars. no idea what causes all this but i would like to take a portion of my wish list to wish for a clean and clear skin for the rest of my life! pimples make me feel like people are scanning through my skin instead of watching into my eyes when they are talking to me. feel sux :/

5. health
i wan my boyfie to stay healthy! please, no more health problem for him.

6. more freedom
i am like 21 already, and my curfew still set at before 1200 am. i wish the curfew can be set off and my boyfie gets approval from my dad.(if i have the courage to admit to my dad)

7. new purse?
my purse is pretty old now with some black ink on it. how messy :/ maybe i should get myself a new purse for my 21st birthday.

8. 45kg!
I wanna get on diet. I hate those excess fats in my arm, leg and tummy. wanna get rid of them so desperately! any way to recommend?


okay, that's all i can thought of right now. i will update again when i think of any new ones. the quota is not full yet! =p

Sunday, October 16, 2011


跌倒了 再爬起来



坚强外表下 我脆弱 却开始失常

我没事 我真的很好

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

alright alright, i know my blog is dead! i have a lot of things to share, just don't know where to start with. hmm, let's talk about my life now. pretty good, pretty fine! i have friends with me, family love with me, and relationship are just fine! i should be satisfied, yea i do, amitabha. new semester starting soon, oops, have i mentioned it already started? lol, already started. but this week is a totally holiday week as lecturers not gonna start the class this week, they will only start after Raya break. sounds good? i x pasti =S one thing can be sure is that i am gonna rock and roll for this week! lol. friends are coming over and we gonna slack for one whole day or even the next day! ok, hwaiting it!

life's good. still there are some uncertainties about life. a friend of mine, which have been together with the bf for almost 3 years, broke up in the semester break out of sudden. do i seriously have a shocked? well i wouldn't be sure about that. still anyway, wish her best of luck! don't be hidden in the shadow of the past, u still can live great without guys! so do I. my relationship had a crack already and now it is fixed, well i hope so. add oil kay? don't be giving up so easily.

i hope my life can be smooth as what i have planned. i don't wanna face failure please. i am afraid of the day.

p/s : i have just change to a new room with new roommate.
she is pretty nice!